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About b+a

Effective problem solving underpins us as Independent Experts

Major Construction Projects have complex structured supply chains often delivered in changing circumstances and which commonly encounter extended or delayed timelines, unforeseen changes as the norm, and costs that spiral out of control. These project challenges require resilience to manage through and resolve. With our experience and global perspective, B+A helps clients manage these commercial complexities.

Throughout project delivery, commercial strategy and decision making are vital, if not the key to successful outcomes as challenges arise. Projects require relationships that manage evolving risks and B+A brings that commercial intelligence to the construction industry.

At project inception the parties embark upon such challenges with an anticipated risk allocation, contracting structure, and commercial model with shared responsibilities. Risk control and management during project execution requires appropriate commercial strategy and management of unforeseen change from both parties, otherwise commercial tensions and disputes are inevitable.

Irrespective of the chosen procurement route, contractual mechanisms and commercial model, clients need support to manage the time and cost consequences as these need to be neutralised to avoid escalation and contentious issues impacting delivery.

At B+A we bring the very best commercial insight to help clients see through the issues and unravel the most complex challenges throughout the project lifecycle. Where disputes arise, we bring stand back independent and trusted advice.

We believe that intricate and difficult challenges can be resolved through effective and proactive expertise and open communication. We can redefine the traditional approach and be effective in our contribution, managing out commercial issues and disputes to allow the parties to focus on mainstream business activities.

At the heart of B+A is proactive commercial pragmatism; we strive to improve industry delivery of projects through active commercial resolution of disputes improving time, cost, and quality of delivery.

Our global reputation and learning from our extensive experience bring intelligent insight and informs clients on its position and how best to handle commercial risks during the set-up, delivery, and closure of major projects.

It is this passion for the industry and problem solving that is central to B+A acting as independent, respected, and trusted advisors to the construction industry.

We care about quality and trusted independent advice

At B+A our team has a kinship and professional ethos for active problem solving, building a team of similarly minded professionals with purpose and a connected desire to improve industry. We will never lose sight of our values because they attract, engage, and retain exceptional people.

Being effective and making an added value contribution is the plus in B+A. We strive to work smarter, faster, and more collaboratively, solving complex problems in a beautifully uncomplicated way and presenting clear independent analysis.

Consulting with expert quality of service and client care, repeating excellence in everything we do and placing client experience front and center. We build upon a reputation based on the highest quality, trusted and consistent advice.

Our Service Model

We offer a comprehensive service model that recognises the client needs for a specialist consultancy.

At its core is our service model and a set of services that the construction industry can call and rely upon to assist with any commercial challenge. There is a thread of commercial and contractual management that defines all projects.

Our know how comes from our learning. This insight is reflected in our service model which we call the commercial loop and indeed the idea behind the triangle in B+A. Our commercial expertise can be called upon at any time to close and narrow the commercial differences in delivery and upon completion of major projects, programmes and megaprojects.

At B+A our service model is built on the idea of continuous learning, constructive dialogue and prior commercial insights so that we can close the loop to inform the best management of commercial and contractual risks.

Our Values

We adhere to the highest professional standards
  • Delivering quality outcomes
  • Adding value through our contribution
  • Team players working in collaboration
  • Independent trusted advice
We illustrate authenticity and transparency in everything we do
  • Open and honest communications
  • Sharing our learning and expertise
  • Respecting everyone’s opinion
  • Active work planning
We bring valued insight and contribution
  • Thought leadership
  • Problem solving
  • Commercial know how
  • Effective and efficient